"How Do I Delete My Facebook Account" Search Volume Drops. Facebook Privacy Fiasco Over?

Is it time to officially declare the Facebook privacy fiasco over? While a record number of users were previously searching for “How Do I Delete My Facebook Account” as “Quit Facebook Day” approached, it appears as the number of users searching for this phrase has dropped back to pre-privacy fiasco levels. Facebook has officially failed to back down on their “Instant Personalization” program and it appears that users definitely don’t really care all that much.

While the measure of people searching for “How do I delete my Facebook account” may not be the most accurate representation of users’ thoughts on Facebook privacy, it’s definitely a good measure of how users are responding to new Facebook activities. The recent uproar over Facebook’s privacy settings and new products most definitely had a measurable impact, as the graph below illustrates, but it’s difficult to tell how many users actually deleted their accounts.