Get Discount International Calls on Facebook

A cool phone service, Rebtel, has launched their official Facebook application. The app allows you to contact your international friends and family for the price of a local call. While this is pretty cool in theory, it doesn’t frequently work. I signed up for Rebtel late last year to try and call my sister in Israel. Unfortunately, my sister’s local phone calls from her cell phone somehow ended up costing more than her international calls (don’t ask me why). In the end, the system ended up being an inefficient solution. I also read a post from one of the application users who was having problems making calls from Puerto Rico. That’s because service is not currently offered there. With all these downfalls, why am I reviewing this application? Great question! With all great applications come many bad ones and that is a fact of life. I will be discussing critical items to a successful application in an upcoming post. If you want to make international calls at the price of local ones go grab the Rebtel application. Be sure to let me know if it works!