Facesquatting And The 2009 Facebook Username Land Rush Aftermath

Millions of users counted down the seconds to the launch of the Facebook username land rush on Saturday, 12:01 AM EDT. While many journalists had their usernames pre-reserved, those journalists are still waiting for their usernames to process although Facebook says that they are still in the queue to get processed. The more entertaining portion of the night was a phenomenon called facesquatting: the process of stealing a username that another person or brand wanted to use.

That may not be what you thought facesquatting is. If you thought it was something that has a sexual connotation you would be correct which is why I don’t recommend that you go looking for facesquatting pictures in Google images. One facesquatting image ended up at the top of Digg over the weekend and made it on to Gawker this morning. A gentleman named Mike Pence decided to take the Facebook username land grab opportunity to take his friend’s name, “obiefernandez”. The result was the picture below.