Facebook’s New Page Layout Starting to Emerge

Facebook's timeline design for pages is changing yet again, as some pages are seeing the effects of Facebook's call-to-action focus.

Facebook’s timeline design for pages is changing yet again, as some pages are seeing the effects of Facebook’s call-to-action focus.

As discovered by Shortstack and Mari Smith, Facebook is apparently testing small tweaks to the design, consistent with what the company announced earlier. Facebook confirmed to SocialTimes that they are testing small changes to the design.

Shortstack found these changes:

  • 1. Smaller profile photos (from 180 x 180 pixels to 90 x 90)
  • 3. Page tab links have moved
  • 4. Like and share buttons have also moved
  • 5. Pages can now view as a visitor
  • 6. Call-to-action buttons are more noticeable

If you have a cover image that aligns with your profile image, Shortstack recommends making sure your cover image is updated when your page design changes.

Readers: What do you think of this new layout?