Facebook Took Steps to Streamline the App Review Process for Developers

The social network added a getting started guide, made other tweaks

The new getting started guide for developers on Facebook Facebook

Facebook introduced some tweaks to the way developers submit their applications for review.

The social network created a new getting started guide, which presents three common use cases and scenarios for integrating apps with the Facebook platform: integrate Facebook Login, get started with the Pages API and implement Marketing API.

Vijay Natarajan, who works on connectivity strategy for Facebook, wrote in a blog post that developers that are prepared to start building can skip this step, and they are not limited to the three options.

The resource guide in the dashboard for developers will still provide information about using Facebook’s platform APIs, and Natarajan suggested that newcomers review the social network’s guidance on permissions, app review and verification.

Facebook also created a new workflow for app review that consists of three steps: an overview of permissions and features; an overview of the current status of requests for app review or verification; and a list of approved permissions and features.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.