Facebook Released a Playable Preview Tool for Its Playable Ads

It helps ensure that files meet all specifications

Facebook introduced the Playable Preview Tool, which advertisers and developers can use to test and validate assets that are used in its Playable Ads.

The social network introduced Playable Ads last August as a way to enable people to preview mobile applications before downloading them.

The Playable Preview Tool helps its users ensure that their files meet all of the specifications for Playable Ads, and it will display any errors, or display a preview of the assets if it is acceptable. The tool will also validate whether the click to action was successfully implemented.

Software engineer, solutions Sumeet Vandakudri shared instructions for the Playable Preview Tool in a blog post:


  • If the file meets all requirements, you see:

  • As you can see, your file meets all requirements, but there is still a warning regarding Call to Action. To test if this part of your ad is correctly implemented, click on your Call to Action button. If the button is successfully activated, you see: