Facebook Dating App Pulls In $5 Million Annually Through Subscriptions

While many have acknowledged that it has become difficult to operate as an independent developer on the Facebook Platform, few are acknowledging the existence of successful small-application developers like Snap Interactive (OCT:STVI), the developers of the “Are You Interested?” application. The company has successfully grown a $5 million a year dating application, shifting from a free model to a subscription model, using Facebook as a cheap source of new user acquisition.

Earlier this week the company formally announced their continued growth in cash receipts. Cliff Lerner, CEO of Snap Interactive stated, “We have seen a monthly increase in average daily gross cash receipts from premium and subscription sales in each month since we introduced the subscription service.” While the data smooths over monthly fluctuations thanks to the company’s GAAP accounting methods, it’s impressive to see ongoing growth despite a more challenging Platform environment.