Facebook Announces Preferred Developer Consultant Program

Want to know the best people to build you Facebook applications? Want to get your Facebook Page up and running for your business? If you are in the market for a Facebook Consultant, Facebook is now offering the Preferred Developer Consultant program. The service is essentially a directory of all the partners who can help you with building out your organization’s Facebook presence.

Currently there are 14 companies being featured in the new directory and there’s really no way to apply to be in the directory aside from being connected with the people over at Facebook. Over the past couple years we have written extensively about some of the campaigns being run on Facebook by many of the companies being listed in the directory today. I’m sure there are many other companies which provide services as well, but this new directory is set up to promote “Facebook approved” consultants.

Over two and a half years ago there were few companies in the market but within a few weeks, the space exploded with companies like Buddy Media and ContextOptional being among the first to start providing services. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many more companies since as conferences around the country (and around the world), many of which have begun focusing much more heavily on Pages as they’ve become the primary platform for brands.

While we continue to recommend developers to people who contact us regularly, I’m sure the developers included in the “Preferred Developer Consultant Program” will receive a lot of business from Facebook. If you want the full list of developers, you can find it here. Below are the names of the included developers: