Facebook adds a new budget and scheduling button

When fast food restaurants implemented value meals, their sales skyrocketed. They were simply giving the user choice to streamline conversion. So why not with ads?

Facebook used to show you the total spend at the top. So you might have a $70 total budget, then select it to be $10 per day over 7 days.

But by putting the total spend at the bottom, the number doesn’t look as bad. It’s only $10 a day.

Most SaaS companies know they can sell annual plans by showing $10 a month x 12 months instead of $120 as the price, as it looks better than $15 a month for just one month.

Effective social marketing means promoting lots and lots of content to lots and lots of audiences. So this is heading in the right direction.

Now if they’d just pull in saved audiences to the Ads Manager, as opposed to in Power Editor only. And make recommendations of custom audiences to pull in.