Dennis Yu

There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

The Facebook tech weenie or Facebook guru will be dead soon, along with all single-channel marketers.

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Prospective Facebook Ads Clients

If you’re a consultant or agency, qualifying clients is painful--explaining what you do, assessing if they’re nice people, determining if they can pay and seeing if you can solve their problem, all before you get a dime.

A Social Media Manager’s View on SEO

If you're a social media manager, you may see the world of search-engine optimization as arcane Google trickery mixed with quasi-technical babblings.

6 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cost Per Facebook Fan

Sure, having a lot of Facebook fans is great, but how do you drive down the cost per fan while increasing the quality of fans?

Dissection of a Facebook Spammer and What You Can Learn From It

Have you seen a rise in sneaky ads on Facebook?

Facebook Shows How to “Do More with Less”

The summary: you'll soon be able to do more of the things that you're not doing now because you'll be spending less time doing inefficient things.

7 Reasons Why Trying to Steal Your Competitor’s Traffic Will Backfire

Focus on your customer, not a perceived competitor. If think you have a clear competitor, then you're either not fully understanding content marketing (your why) or you're in a highly regulated industry.

If You’re Not Paying Attention to Your Influencers, You’re Burning Money

You’ve made quite a significant investment in building your brand. Aligning with the right influencers for your business is more important than their potential impressions.

Why Facebook’s Ad System is Really the World’s Biggest Email System in Disguise

Smart Facebook ads are no different than smart email marketing. The same principles of list building, segmentation, sequenced content delivery, and optimization all apply.

The One Question to Determine If Someone Is Serious About Facebook Marketing

Ever hear folks whine about how they can't get in touch with Facebook over whatever issue they have? Here's the one way the social network can tell if someone is serious: It asks for their monthly budget.