Deaf Viewers Push For Mandatory Captions For Web Video

Actress Marlee Matlin and other deaf web surfers are pushing for mandatory captions on web video. In the 1996, Congress required most television shows to have captions. However, since the rise of web video, deaf viewers have been disappointed to find that many of their favorite television shows are broadcast on the Internet caption-free. Change is coming, but it’s coming slowly for advocates of the hearing impaired. Read more about the battle for captions after the jump.

Marlee Matlin began her fight for captions on the web about two years ago, after she participated in ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” According to Brian Stelter of The New York Times, Matlin went to to watch the show and discovered that the captions were missing. Stelter writes, “Closed-captioning is mandatory on television, but not for TV programs on the Internet. And that has turned Web sites like into battlegrounds for advocates like Ms. Matlin, who have spoken up on the lack of captions on sites like and services like Netflix.”