Will David After Dentist Kid's Toothbrush Commercial Go Viral? Probably Not.

Over 65.6 million people have watched young David ask, “Is this real life?” after his trip to the dentist, but will as many watch his new video promoting Dr. Fresh’s Firefly toothbrush? Dr. Fresh himself, Puneet Nanda, has high hopes for the David After Dentist toothbrush promotional spot, but is David’s YouTube fame enough to turn the Firefly toothbrush into a viral sensation? The chances are slim to none.

According to the New York Times, after seeing the ‘David After Dentist’ video on YouTube Nanda, who owns Dr. Fresh, Inc. as well as the Binaca brand, turned to his 14-year old daughter and offered her an iPad if she could get in touch with David. It seems teens will do anything for sharp new Apple products, so his daughter found David and the rest is history. He recorded a 2-minute promotional spot for the Dr. Fresh Firefly, it went up on YouTube on August 13, and has been viewed just over 15,000 times so far.