D3 Go! Announces Adventure Time Puzzle Quest for iOS, Android

D3 Go! and Cartoon Network announced Adventure Time Puzzle Quest for iOS and Android, which will see players explore the Land of Ooo while completing match-three puzzle battles.

D3 Go! (formerly D3Publisher of America) and Cartoon Network announced Adventure Time Puzzle Quest for iOS and Android devices. In development at WayForward, the game will combine match-three and RPG elements, as players join Jake, Finn and other characters on a journey through the Land of Ooo.

The game will see players completing match-three battles as part of an overall quest series, with daily events and tournaments also planned. Players will collect new characters as they advance, and they can customize their party of three before taking them into battle.

Outside of combat, players will have access to a crafting system, allowing them to create items including potions for restoring a character’s health in battle.

In a statement, Pete Yoder, vice president of Cartoon Network Enterprises, North America, commented on the game:

With its mix of strategy and role-play elements that tap into the creativity of the expansive universe, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest from D3 Go! is a fantastic addition to our video game franchise that will deliver an all-new gaming experience for the show’s fans.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest isn’t the first branded title in the Puzzle Quest franchise, as Marvel Puzzle Quest is also available on mobile, and it has been downloaded more than 6 million times.

Peter Andrew, vice president of publishing at D3 Go!, added:

The Puzzle Quest team at D3 Go! is proud of the distinctive and immersive match-three experience infused in every Puzzle Quest game, and today we get to bring that very same excitement with Cartoon Network in the very first Adventure Time puzzle game for mobile devices.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is expected to be released worldwide on iOS and Android this summer. Check back soon for more.

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