Brand Bonus: Ford Gets Good Reviews from Consumers

Ford is finding favor with consumers. BNET writes about the company’s ranking as “most improved” automaker in Consumer Reports’ annual auto survey, and how it is “getting the benefit of the doubt from owners who like where the brand is going.” Not needing government bailout money helps, the article suggests.

The company’s quality communications manager Kristen Kinley says the boost is coming from the data, not just fan fondness. “In the last three to five years, we’ve seen our rankings go up consistently. Craftsmanship, quality of materials, fit and finish, and on-board technology — that’s what makes the ownership experience all the better,” Kinley says. BNET also notes Ford as‘s “most-researched brand online.”

Meanwhile, blog Everything Gold writes about Ford’s continuing reputation issues as they relate to another recall. About 35,000 vehicles in North America are included in the recall, which is taking place due to “possible electrical shorts and fuel leaks that could end up starting a fire,” the post says.