BlurryPeople Goes Right Where Chatroulette Went Wrong [Interview]

Chatroulette has come under fire in recent months as the site has become more and more of a hub for adult entertainment and less and less of the creative, fun meeting place many had hoped it would be. Chatroulette’s recent upgrade to Version 2, after a longer-than-anticipated down time, was disappointing to say the least, as the site didn’t seem to make any significant changes or improvements. Well, hey Chatroulette! There’s a new random chat contender in town called BlurryPeople, and they’re offering users all the features that you should have thought about for Chatroulette V.2.

BlurryPeople is a Chatroulette clone, only much more engaging and effective at wiping out some of the issues that go along with random online video chat (most notably, the penises). When you chat with random strangers on BlurryPeople they start out totally blurred out and over the first two full minutes of chatting they gradually unblur, giving you time to decide if you want to continue the conversation until you and your random stranger are revealed to one another. I should note that Chatroulette recently added a blurry feature to their site as well, but strangers are revealed within the first few seconds, barely giving you enough time to click the “Next” button before your chat companion is revealed.