Betty White Sued by Former Caretaker for Unpaid Wages

Thank you for being my (former) friend.

She almost made it to 100 without an image problem, but you know how those older chicks get — all sweet on the animals, adored by the masses, and cantankerous around the help.

Such is apparently life for the much-beloved TV sitcom legend and only living ‘Golden Girl’ Betty White.

White, 94, is being sued by her former caretaker Anita Maynard who filed a lawsuit last week. Regretfully, there are newly uncovered documents in the case that address the reasons for the lawsuit in detail. In short, Maynard allegedly was not paid enough to cover her time from February 1993 to March 2016.

(Get that? She is just outside of employment, so why not go for broke.)

According to the complaint, Maynard sometimes worked as a live-in caretaker for more than 14 hours daily but was never paid for overtime, an extra day of work, or even vacation pay. White has yet to reply to interview requests, but in the court of public opinion, who do you think is going to lose this battle?

That’s right. Hopefully Maynard can get a job at a McDonald’s somewhere.