90% of Companies Have Experienced Unexpected Downtime [Infographic]

Unexpected website downtime can cost companies millions in revenue and productivity.

When critical systems experience downtime, there can be short- and long-term damage for companies. A WhatsApp outage earlier this year reportedly cost the company millions, and may have cost them some users too. A new infographic from Peer1 hosting details the impacts of downtime on businesses.

Downtime is extremely prevalent, with 90 percent of businesses unexpectedly losing access to their critical systems, and one-third of businesses dealing with downtime every month. The average downtime in the U.S. is 7.9 hours per outage; in Europe it’s 10.3 hours.

There are four major impacts from these service interruptions:

  1. Loss of data: 50 percent of enterprise employees report losing access to critical data during outages, along with 62 percent of mid-size business employees and 75 percent of senior level employees.
  2. Risking a security breach: Employees often turn to unsecured third-party services during downtime, which could cause sensitive company data to leak. Forty-five percent of employees surveyed admitted to using Dropbox during downtime.
  3. Productivity suffers: Downtime can result in a 34 percent loss in productivity for enterprise employees. For small business, an outage is even worse, with their employees suffering a 43 percent loss in productivity.
  4. Loss of revenue: According to Peer1, for one in six enterprises, just an hour of downtime could cost in excess of $1,000,000. Collectively, 127 million lost man-hours of productivity has caused a 29 percent revenue drop for corporations.

To see what other costs businesses incur, view the infographic below: