5 Google Wave Gadgets that You Will Most Likely Use

I’ve been playing around with Google Wave for the past couple of weeks. And to be honest, I still couldn’t dig its merit. It’s supposed to be an online communication tool. And yet you can communicate only with friends in your contact list. And right now it is currently in exclusive beta mode, with probably more than 100,000 users if Google really sent out those invites as they say so. Now what if none of you contacts got into the Wave beta?

To make my Google Wave exploration useful, I decided to look around for Wave gadgets that I can use, and actually found a handful of them. So here goes, 5 Google Wave Gadgets that you will most likely use.


You knew this is will be my first useful gadget right? It should be, well at least for me. This gadget gives you your Twitter’s public timeline as a wavelet. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to post tweets, reply to conversation directly on Twitter. To activate this gadget just add tweety-wave@appspot.com to your contact list. It will authenticate your Twitter account the first time you use it.


This gadget lets you search for products on Amazon’s various product category. It’s the best looking Google Wave gadgets I’ve seen so far. And the Amazon bot works fast t00. To add this gadget, just add amazon-withwaves-com@appspot.com to your contact list.


If got bored while exploring Google Wave or you’re contacts are not sending you waves, you might find Eliza useful. Yup, it’s the auto-chat bot who is also an auto-shrink. Common, talk to her if you must. Just don’t ask too many complicated questions. To add Eliza to Google Wave, just add elisarobot@appspot.com. Have fun!


This gadget lets you bookmark Waves which you can then later on list or delete. It uses the following commands – /star’, /list’, and /delete’. To add this gadget to Google Wave, just add starifybot@appspot.com. It could be useful if you’ve created many waves already.


This Wave gadget will come in handy whenever you need to do some simple calculations while in the middle of a conversation inside a wave. Just add calcbot@appspot.com to your contact list and you’re good to go.

These are just some of the Google Wave gadgets currently available. Using these gadgets on your Google Wave account adds some excitement to Google Wave, especially if you don’t have too many contacts who are in the exclusive circle of early Google Wave users. If you’re not one of them and you want an invite, just shoot me an email with your gmail account and I’ll include you in my invitation list. I still have a couple of invites to throw out.