Kevin Rose's First Order of Battle as Digg CEO, Get Rid of iFrame Toolbar

A couple of days ago, Kevin Rose took the CEO post at Digg and shortly after assuming the post Kevin’s first order of battle was to get rid of the […]

7 Social Networking Apps for your Brand New iPad

I hope you liked our list of Twitter apps for the iPad. Just like Twitter, social networking apps are probably going to be the most sought after applications for the […]

Eight Twitter Apps for your Brand New iPad

With just barely a day left before the iPad starts arriving on some 100,00+ thousands users who pre-ordered it for the last two weeks, Apple has gone ahead and switched […]

Bing Maps' Foursquare Everywhere App Plots Where You Check-In

Previously, it was reported that Microsoft is teaming up with one of the most popular, if not that most popular location-aware service Foursquare by integrating Bing Maps into Foursquare. Now, […]

Cool! The iTunes App Store is Now on Facebook

There’s no doubt that the whole social internet community revolves around Facebook. Let me exaggerate a bit here but I everybody in the online world seems to want get on […]

Nielsen App Playbook Shows Apple Apps Store Taking the Lead

Another day, another survey report. This time by Nielsen reporting on the results of its survey called App Playbook. Quite surprisingly according to Nielsen, while the myth that application stores […]

Opera Mini 5 for iPhone Awaits Apple's Approval

I think it would be fun to start a bet here in Rotorblog. What are we betting for? – whether Apple will approve Opera’s application for its Opera Mini 5 […]

my6sense Digital Intuition Technology Breaks Loose

Honestly, I’m pretty intrigued by this “Digital Intuition” technology the startup which calls itself as my6sense have demonstrated at the DEMO Spring 2010. It’s a new “API that lets third […]

GetGlue Social Recommendation Site Rolls Out Taste Neighbors

Of course I wouldn’t expect that all of you knew social recommendation site GetGlue because to be honest I discovered the site pretty recently. Anyway, to give you a brief […]

LinkedIn 3.1 for iPhone Promises a Better Mobile Social Networking App

Although the iPhone OS 3.1 has been around for quite some time now, it is only now that LinkedIn’s iPhone app is being updated to adapt to the new version […]