The 17 Most Influential Marketers of 2017

Influencer marketing was big for brands in 2017, and will most likely continue to grow in 2018. But how about the brands with marketing influencers? They exist, and they’re impacting marketing every day. Some influenced marketers so much in 2017, we made a list.
Target Marketing found that these marketers and thought leaders were influencing fellow marketers profoundly. Brand leaders are watching everything they do — and watching closely.
Marketers are seeing if what these leaders do should be emulated or — at the very least — considered when they make their own marketing plans.
At Target Marketing, we wanted to emphasize a certain type of influencer from 2017: Do they have a wider influence across marketing than just on their own brand? Do they influence consumers, as well as other brands? Is their brand growing? Are they having mostly positive impacts? Do they have positive reputations? Are they setting the course for others in the future of marketing?
Using that criteria, here’s our list of the top 17 marketing influencers from 2017.