100s Of CES Demonstrations Include Facebook

The Consumer Electronics Show abounds with demonstrations of entertainment devices that can connect to Facebook for content sharing.

Literally hundreds of devices have Facebook capabilities on them and demonstrations of that are dominating the vendor exhibits at the Consumer Electronics Show. The typical demo includes logging onto the social network and sharing content created on a device, downloading something from the site for use on the handheld, or combinations thereof.

Yes, the types of devices with Facebook on them number in the hundreds, as Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor told the Wall Street Journal. The social network has yet to make a dime on any of these vendor partnerships, yet their near ubiquity seems to reflect the upside potential that investors like Goldman Sachs see in the social network.

Among the demonstrations at CES featuring newly incorporated Facebook interoperability:

  • Sony Corp.’s Handycam camcorders and Bloggie camera upload photos and videos directly to Facebook. The devices themselves don’t have wireless Internet connectivity, but users can tag the content and then plug in to a computer to do the uploading.)
  • A forthcoming digital camera from Polaroid will send pictures directly to Facebook. Lady Gaga made the announcement for the company.
  • Microsoft’s Kinect motion-gaming accessory for the Xbox Live lets players upload photos of themselves to Facebook.
  • The Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader gives people the ability to loan books to their Facebook friends and post excerpts of favorites.
  • Western Digital’s TV Live Hub now incorporates Facebook into the television media drive so that people can share and comment on photo and video comment.
  • Chumby Inudstries has a wireless Internet device that displays status updates and photos from users’ Facebook accounts.

These and many others seem to deliver on Facebook’s promise to promote an open platform for its capabilities to run on any device. We only hope that the many and sundry devices all work as smoothly in consumers’ hands as they do during the official product demos at the trade show.

Does Facebook connectivity on a device make you crave it more? What do you think of the social-network-enabled gizmo ann0uncements coming from CES?