Jackie Cohen

Pinning Versus Highlighting On Facebook Timeline

Pins address some of what consumers' greatest concerns about timeline: the layout can overwhelm some people, and getting to the pinned post requires less scrolling than anything highlighted does.

Facebook Initial Public Offer Primer Published

Yes, someone wrote a whole entire book dedicated to Facebook's initial public offer.

Most Popular Facebook Page App Newly Certified

Call this saving the best vendor profile for last in the series. Woobox has long ranked as one of the most popular tools for pages, but only just now joined Facebook's certification program.

How Webtrends Wears Its Facebook PMD Badges

Our series of question-and-answer posts about Facebook's preferred marketing developer program continues with Justin Kistner, director of social products at Webtrends, discussing the company's analytics offerings.

Q&A: Brand Networks’ View Of Facebook PMD

Brand Networks Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jamie Tedford answered our questions about his company joining Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

Facebook Enables IPv6 For Developers May 18

The next generation Internet protocol, IPv6, is coming to Facebook a few weeks early -- for developers, that is.

How PromoJam Stacks Up As A Facebook Apps PMD

PromoJam's Chief Executive Officer Matt Matt MacNaughton, told us about how his company stacks up against the other 231 outfits in Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

Facebook Holds Grand Opening For 2nd U.S. Data Center

Today Facebook held a grand opening for its second data center in the U.S., located in Forest City, North Carolina.The social network open sourced the $450 million facility's design, working with partners in the Open Compute Project.

Blinq CEO Extols Facebook Marketing Program

Blinq Chief Executive Officer Dave Williams spoke with us via email about the company's participation in Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

How Digitas Differs From Other Facebook PMDs

Beth McCabe, vice president of social marketing and technology at Digitas, told us about newly joining Facebook's preferred marketing developer program for the first time.