10 Travel Marketing Trends

Travel is and always has been about escape. The irony is, though, modern travel marketers need to use the Internet to reach consumers most of the way through the process. Disconnecting, however, is one of the 10 trends travel marketers need to accommodate in the end, according to a recent Adweek article.
Internet-savvy travelers enjoy images the most when daydreaming about trips, instead of the words in print brochures that they once enjoyed, says “10 Trends Shaping Travel Marketing Today: Digital drives our planning, but the goal is to disconnect” by Mark Tungate.
“The man who brought travel to the toiling masses was one Thomas Cook,” writes Tungate in the article published on Oct. 17, “who put together the first package tours and, as a trained printer, promoted them via enticing brochures. His alluring copy offered a promise of escape — there’s that word again — to industrial age factory workers. Later, of course, brochures came packed with glossy photos.”
Here’s what travel marketers should know about current trends, says Tungate: