10 Possible Uses of Twitter's New Annotations

Last week was an important one for Twitter: with the first ever Twitter developer’s conference in San Francisco; there were fascinating statistics revealed and a number of significant announcements, some of which we had already expected. Among the stats revealed is the fact that the site has over 100M registered users, making them in some ways almost as large as Facebook. This gain looks to be something Twitter wants to push with the announcement of open annotations for developers, the details of which were finally revealed this past Friday.

Essentially, tweets will now be allocated an extra 512 Bytes of space in the form of open annotations, with an expected increase to 2KB in the future. The metadata format is currently open and can be used by developers as they like. See the Twitter Developers Google Group for more details. Annotations will of course have numerous potential uses, including some of the following listed below. Keep in mind that these are possible uses, and all will require the necessary client wrapper code to realize.