Zynga’s First Android Title Will be Texas Hold’em

In recent months, Zynga has been ramping up its mobile development teams without much visible result aside from an iDevice version of FarmVille. Now it’s using Facebook’s mobile platform updates to move onto Android, too.

Instead of FarmVille, Zynga has chosen its second most popular game, Zynga Poker, which has about 36 million monthly and six million daily active users on Facebook.

It’s an interesting pick, since Android has a combination of dozens of Texas Hold’em games and weak discovery mechanisms; it may be hard for a new competitor to make much headway, especially by Zynga’s definition of the term.

But Zynga may be hoping to riff off its Facebook success. The app will use Facebook’s new single sign-on, which will allow Facebook users to quickly tap through registration and start playing.

Zynga also seems to be angling for Poker to become a worldwide standard for Hold’em. In August, it added Chinese-language localization to the Facebook version, while Android’s rapid spread in Asia should also help Poker spread there.