Zynga Reveals New Details for Empires & Allies on Mobile

The game will allow users to build a base in a quest to save or destroy the world.

Empires & Allies

Zynga has released a first-look trailer for Empires & Allies, the company’s upcoming action strategy title, originally announced in December. The game is a resurrection and redesign of one of the company’s most popular Facebook titles, the original Empires & Allies, which was shuttered in 2013. In this new, modern version of Empires & Allies, players will take charge of their own army with additional options for player choice and strategy.

In the video, viewers are taken to Zynga HQ, where Empires & Allies general manager and veteran real-time strategy game developer, Mark Skaggs, joins principal game designer Cameron McNeil to discuss the game’s development, and what players can expect from this mobile experience.

Empires & Allies challenges players to save the world from a terrorist organization. The base-building combat title will offer both single-player and multiplayer gameplay, with social features allowing users to join alliances, take out enemy bases and climb leaderboards. As players complete raids, they’ll earn resources used in building their own base back at home.

Empires & Allies is set for worldwide release in the coming months, and is currently in geo-lock beta testing in select regions. Check back soon for more.