Zynga Launches The FarmVille Podcast, It's Definitely "Interesting"

Yesterday while visiting the YouTube videos page, I noticed that one of the most watched videos was a FarmVille podcast. I proceeded to watch the video and honestly, this is for the hardcore FarmVille gamers as I didn’t understand the majority of what was discussed. The main reason the video has so many views is that the company posted it to the FarmVille application page.

With over 10 million fans and more than 70 million monthly active users, it’s not surprising to see a single video posted attract over 230,000 views. With that number of views, the podcast could be considered a mini-television show. While I doubt that the company would consider developing a podcast which has more video content, it could prove to be extremely popular given that an audio-only podcast had hundreds of thousands of views.

FarmVille fans have also launched blogs and videos about the massively popular game. Whether it’s the “Real-Life FarmVille” video (embedded below), or simple FarmVille strategy videos, the FarmVille users can’t get enough of the game. While I’ve vowed not to get wrapped up in FarmVille, I have already found ways to waste time playing tons of Bejeweled Blitz on my iPhone.

If you are a huge FarmVille fan, you can check out the podcast below, but be warned that it’s filled with a lot of information only avid FarmVille players would understand. It will be interesting to see if any other games on Facebook decide to follow suit and publish video podcasts with news about their games.

FarmVille Podcast

Real-Life FarmVille