Zynga Brings Tournament Update to Scramble with Friends on Mobile

Scramble with FriendsZynga has announced a significant update for its Scramble with Friends word game on iOS and Android devices. This update addresses fan requests for more ways to compete with others by introducing tournaments to the experience. Plus, players will soon be able to increase their skills in a single-player practice mode, in addition to other changes.

The biggest addition in this update is the ability to enter bracket-based tournaments. Players must spend entry tickets to enter these tournaments, and they receive one free spin to receive these tickets each day. Once a bracket is filled with eight players, the tournament begins and players compete to advance through the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final round to win in-game prizes like additional tickets.

Scramble with Friends

Gamers can add power-ups to their rounds, like time freezes and inspiration powers, with the first being free, and additional powers costing tickets to activate. From there, the game progresses as normal, with players working to earn the most points in a round by tapping and swiping on letters to form words (like in Boggle).

Like in the original game, each additional round in a tournament increases the ability to earn higher scores, via the addition of double and triple word / letter tiles to the board.

As players compete in these tournaments (win or lose), they’ll earn experience points to level-up and unlock new kinds of tournaments with larger prizes. Each new level also rewards players with power-ups, including those normally only available for real money. This includes Mega Freeze powers, which stop the clock for an entire minute.

Meanwhile, the practice mode update will give players more than 400,000 board variations to practice on, as they learn new words and perhaps even strategies to take with them back into the multiplayer mode. No release date on this particular update was announced.

Finally, the game is now available in two new languages: Turkish and Italian.

Scramble with Friends is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game’s last major update came in 2013, when the original Scramble with Friends was replaced by New Scramble with Friends, complete with leaderboards, tracking for player statistics, daily challenges and more.