Zynga Unleashes Games For Facebook, Other Platforms

Zynga announced 10 new products today, with various ways to access the company's games besides Facebook.

Zynga counts 10 new products in this morning’s announcements, including games for Facebook, mobile devices, and Google Plus –showing the kind of diversification that investors like to see in a company that might go public when the market improves.

“This is our own Zyngapalooza in our lobby and lunchroom. This is the first media event that we’ve done of any kind in our new lunchroom,” Zynga Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus said.

The company is also launching Zynga Direct, a gaming website that Pincus calls the strongest implementation of Facebook plugins so far. Yet it’s a separate platform outside of the leading social network.

The next game Zynga will unveil is CastleVille, which follows the ‘Ville model but takes place in a medieval setting. The background music features a 75-piece orchestra.

After that comes Hidden Chronicles, Zynga’s first foray into the scavenger-hunt model of game. The app will allow people to compete, collaborate, and various combinations thereof.

The vendor’s also ramping up in the casino realm, with a new Zynga Bingo game.

The Zynga Casino platform lets you bring your chips from one game to another, akin to what happens in real-life gaming venues.

And Mafia Wars 2, launched on Facebook yesterday, is supposed to be Zynga’s “edgiest” game release so far. It’s the company’s first sequel release and just became available for Google Plus.

Five mobile games are coming, and three of them will be available tomorrow.

One of them is DreamZoo, Zynga’s first step into safari type games.

Then there’s Project Z, a forthcoming release that will let players choose their own tags for use in what Zynga calls a “playground” yet to be released.

For more details about this morning’s announcements, check out what our esteemed sibling blog, Inside Mobile Games has to say.

Or, keep reading for the official press release that Zynga put out after the formal announcement, which covered a lot of ground:



Zynga Previews New Games Including Next Chapter in its “Ville” Franchise and New Play Service “Project Z”

SAN FRANCISCO – October 11, 2011 Zynga showcased new play today at Zynga Unleashed, a game event hosted by CEO and Founder Mark Pincus and held at its new San Francisco headquarters. The company gave a sneak peek of several new social games, including the next chapter in its “Ville” franchise and teased its own new play service, code named “Project Z.”

The games unveiled at today’s Unleashed event will be released on Facebook soon. Zynga unveiled:

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