Zynga and Playdom Appear on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Several large, older apps have added daily active users on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users, including Zynga’s FrontierVille, FarmVille, Texas HoldEm Poker and YoVille. The four Zynga apps all come up within the top ten:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original FrontierVille7,977,632+985,334+14%
2.App_2_120563477996213_5785 Ravenwood Fair646,173+222,963+53%
3.App_2_159048707462697_4831 Vegas City412,191+212,447+106%
4.Original FarmVille16,616,833+201,970+1%
5.Original Sorority Life488,650+93,755+24%
6.Original Texas HoldEm Poker 6,167,647+86,184+1%
7.Original YoVille897,992+85,143+10%
8.Original Frontier Bonus75,747+75,712+216,320%
9.App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City792,233+75,352+11%
10.App_2_164819630206264_37 Epic Fighters80,009+62,238+350%
11.App_2_119866041395334_6883 It Girl799,621+62,111+8%
12.Original Top Eleven Football Manager208,493+56,186+37%
13.Original Social City564,401+52,171+10%
14.App_2_175202372495964_5248 OyunPark48,335+48,310+193,240%
15.App_2_157785064239480_3718 恐龍王國479,645+48,267+11%
16.App_2_140357045994487_425 Happy Hospital113,902+48,122+73%
17.Original Monster World1,045,993+46,483+5%
18.Original PetVille1,622,243+45,177+3%
19.App_2_146118892073972_2344 Mighty Pirates71,863+45,131+169%
20.App_2_367415665181_4980 Puzzle Saga47,222+41,642+746%

The new DAU for Zynga looks like a short-term bump, probably brought about by advertising. The company may be pumping up some of its apps with new users in preparation for the launch of CityVille next week, with the intention of diverting people over to the new game. Or it could simply be benefiting from holiday week traffic, partially driven by the holiday-themed virtual goods pushes that have now become standard.

Ravenwood Fair comes in second with 222,963 new DAU, an impressive sum for a relatively new game. Some of the growth is from an ongoing recovery of users who stopped coming by during the week that the app’s viral channels were shut down.

Frontier Bonus is a light app that promises to deliver friend bonuses on FrontierVille more efficiently. A few months ago, we saw a deluge of apps like this, usually built for FarmVille; the number has now fallen, but this particular app is evidence that the trend is unlikely to die. On the other hand, individual apps like this are unlikely to survive.

Finally, Playdom also has more than one title on the list. Sorority Life and Social City both received bumps, although this may again be related to the holiday.