Zynga Bets on HTML5 With Dextrose Acquisition

Zynga has announced its latest acquisition today, the German company Dextrose AG, which released a development platform called the Aves Engine earlier this year.

The news hasn’t been widely commented on yet, but this could turn out to be one of Zynga’s most important acqusitions. Aves is an HTML5 engine designed for high-end 2D and 2.5D graphics.

Since it’s in HTML5, Aves can run on both the web and on mobile devices browsers, like the iPhone’s Safari. More than just a potential tweak to Zynga’s Facebook games, the Dextrose buyout means Zynga could potentially develop a new game simultaneously for both web and mobile.

With FarmVille and its other apps on the iPhone, Zynga hasn’t done spectacularly well, but that’s probably in part due to the higher graphics expectations of mobile users. The Aves Engine hasn’t been widely used, so we’re not sure of its full capabilities. But Zynga probably wouldn’t have bought the company if it weren’t impressed by Aves’ graphical capabilities.

Here’s a video of Aves released by Dextrose for an April conference, and a more recent one from E3 2010 below it:

Like Zynga’s past acquisitions, Dextrose will take on a new name, Zynga Germany. Co-founders Paul Bakaus and Rocco Di Leo will become chief technology officer of Zynga Germany and country manager, respectively.