Zynga Had 33 Million Players Yesterday

During a panel at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference this morning, which sounded like a solid pitch for Zynga, CEO Mark Pincus announced that they company had a whopping 33 million players yesterday. With 1200 employees and over 200 million monthly players, the company has become one of the most dominant forces in Silicon Valley. Despite the controversy surrounding the company’s business tactics, the company has revenue estimates

During the panel, Mark also disucssed a factor called the “Net Promoter Score” which describes how much a user will promote an application. Rather than giving you an entire overview of the panel in which each participant gave deep praise of each other, I’ve decided to provide photos of the talk. You can see them embedded below.

Techcrunch Disrupt Treasures

Techcrunch Disrupt Treasures Panel

Mark Pincus At Techcrunch Panel