Zoho Takes Word Processing Offline

Thanks to Google’s open source project, Google Gears, you can now use Zoho Writer offline to view and edit documents. zoho_writerTo put the text editor to the test, you’ll need a Google Gears plug-in installed and a browser that meets minimum requirements
(Firefox 1.5+, IE 6+).

Just click ‘Go Offline’ and you’ll have access to your 15 most recent documents. You can have the system retrieve more/less depending on your settings.

Clicking on ‘Go Online’ will let you synchronize your updated files with the online versions on Zoho’s server. While the offline version is not a complete match with the online one, the two are very close.

The ironic part is that it appears Zoho has launched this offline functionality (again, using Google Gears) before Google was able to launch it themselves. Microsoft should be taking notes too, as Zoho currently offers 14 online productivity services – each potentially giving Gates a run for his money.

Watch a Zoho-produced video here.