Andrew G.R.

Fake Dried Cranberries and Other Social Media FAILS

This week we wave bye-bye to Google Wave, wish we could say bye-bye to an NFL great, and expose the shocking truth about dried cranberries! What a warped world we […]

Social Media FAILS of the Week

Failure is a state of mind, and in my mind, these are the nonperformances of the week. Starting with a botched CISCO campaign to emulate Old Spice, I take a […]

Social Media FAILS of the Week

No need to question my journalistic objectivity or what exactly the definition of “FAIL” is; by continuing, you agree to read one man’s opinion. You are encouraged to agree or […]

5 Social Media Fails of the Week

Learn from others’ mistakes… As we coast into the holiday weekend, have a gander at several of the top social media stories from the past week that hardly qualify as […]

5 Social Media FAILS of the Week

Cause someone always drops the ball… While we have a list of weekly new stories for games as well as our list of weekly videos, we thought it would be […]

World Cup Fever? Show Your Pride With a "Wearable Social Network"

The World Cup brings people together. Just ask the businesses that are watching their worker productivity fade away. But the soccer tourney is more than a sporting event; it is […]

Secret Confessions of a Social Network Rejecter

You’d be hard-pressed to find a 30-year-old American who is not connected on at least one social network. While on vacation a few weeks ago, I came across that man. […]

5 Sites, Blogs and Shows To Send Your Dad This Father's Day

More than 50 countries across the world reserve the third Sunday in June to celebrate fathers. The dads who suffered through our little league games and rooted us on by […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Network Offline

Combine the ability to disseminate information globally in seconds with the fact that Web promotion is much cheaper than traditional media, and it comes as no surprise that the Web […]

How To Protect Against Social Media Remorse?

There are a about a million articles filled with do’s and dont’s on how to handle your social media reputation online. But what happens when it’s too late and you […]