YouTube Updated Creators on its 2018 Priorities

CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed monetization concerns

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki updated content creators on the steps the video-sharing platform has taken, or will take to improve their experience going forward.

In a blog post, Wojcicki said that, since the beginning of the year, YouTube has increased its social media replies by 600 percent, and improved its overall reply rate by 75 percent to tweets aimed at its official Twitter handles: @TeamYouTube, @YTCreators and @YouTube. YouTube also more than doubled the number of content creators who are receiving personalized email updates.

Next, Wojcicki explained a new program YouTube is launching in response to the monetization challenges users have faced in recent months.

“Many of you have said you’re willing to provide more feedback on what’s in your video if it meant you didn’t have to worry about false-positives in our monetization system,” Wojcicki said. “This month, we’re launching a pilot with a small set of creators to test a new video upload flow that will ask creators to provide specific information about what’s in their video as it relates to our advertiser-friendly guidelines. In an ideal world, we’ll eventually get to a state where creators across the platform are able to accurately represent what’s in their videos so that their insights, combined with those of our algorithmic classifiers and human reviewers, will make the monetization process much smoother with fewer false positive demonetizations.”

YouTube will also expand its sponsorship program to more channels “in the coming months,” allowing those creators to earn extra money outside of advertising revenue.

Elsewhere, Wojcicki said YouTube has seen a 75 percent drop in comment flags on channels that have enabled the platform’s new moderation tools. YouTube will expand these tools to 10 languages in the future.

Finally, YouTube launched a Creator Academy Master Class focused on creator burnout. Wojcicki added, “We’re also working on other courses for early summer to encourage wellness.”