YouTube Kids Lets Parents Control Their Kids’ Experience in New Ways

Three new features were announced

The YouTube Kids app YouTube

YouTube announced three features that are being added to its YouTube Kids application this year, aimed at giving parents more control over their children’s viewing experiences.

Beginning this week, the YouTube Kids team and its partners will launch collections of “trusted channels” based on a variety of themes and brands, such as music and Sesame Street. Parents will be able to choose the collections they want their children to have access to by going into the app’s profile settings area.

The app’s “search-off” control, which allows parents to turn off its search functionality, will also be updated this week. Going forward, when parents turn search off in the YouTube Kids app, the app will only show content from channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team.

Finally, later this year, YouTube will launch the ability for parents to hand-select every video and channel available for their children to watch within the app.

In a blog post, James Beser, product director for YouTube Kids, said, “For parents who like the current version of YouTube Kids and want a wider selection of content, it’s still available. While no system is perfect, we continue to fine-tune, rigorously test and improve our filters for this more open version of our app. And as always, we encourage parents to block and flag videos for review that they don’t think should be in the YouTube Kids app. This makes YouTube Kids better for everyone.”

He continued, “It is our hope that these additional options will allow every family to have the experience they want in the YouTube Kids app.”