Brace Yourselves! YouTube Is Preparing To Remove Some Of Your Subscribers

How many subscribers does your YouTube channel have? Enjoy them while you can because YouTube is preparing to remove subscribers in order to improve the accuracy of subscriber counts.

How many subscribers does your YouTube channel have?  Enjoy them while you can because YouTube is preparing to remove subscribers in order to improve the accuracy of subscriber counts.

David Boyle, YouTube staff, reported on the YouTube Creator blog that the video site would be stepping up their efforts to ensure that subscriber counts are as fair and accurate as possible.  To this end, they will be removing inactive and closed accounts.

Removing these subscribers will result in subscriber counts that offer up a much better estimate of the actual number of people that are subscribed to and currently watching your videos.  YouTubers that have been around for a long time are most likely to be affected by this change as they could have years of subscribers that have become inactive or closed their accounts, though we won’t now exactly how big of a number this will be until the change occurs.

Initially, the subscriber adjustment was supposed to take place in a single day, on January 12.  However, YouTube has since announced that they will be holding off on the change “until we can address some discrepancies we found in synchronizing the public counts with YouTube Analytics.”  They will make another announcement when they have finalized the date for the adjustment.

In addition to removing inactive and closed accounts, YouTube will also be taking actions to provide artificial subscriber count inflation.

For those of you that are worried about having subscribers removed from your channel that actually are still watching your videos, Boyle writes, “While we are updating subscriber counts to remove such subscriptions from the totals, we will not stop delivering videos to these subscribers, even if they are artificially created accounts.  This means that even if we mistakenly remove a subscriber from a subscription account as invalid, this will in no way affect your views.”

Personally, I like this idea.  I often look at my subscriber count and wonder how many of those people are actually still active and available to watch my videos.  I wouldn’t mind an adjusted count if it gave me a more accurate picture of things.  Other YouTube creators—what’s your take on this news?  How do you feel about the fact that YouTube will be removing some of your subscribers?

Image credit: Dmitriy Shironosov via Shutterstock

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