YouTube Gaming Now Lets Creators Earn Money Through Sponsorships

Sponsorships cost $4.99 per month

YouTube Gaming now allows users to sponsor their favorite gaming-related channels. With this new feature, fans can purchase digital goods directly from creators’ channels, as well as support creators via premium sponsorships priced at $4.99 per month.

As part of this feature, content creators can design custom badges and emojis for their sponsors to use during live chats, and they’ll unlock more emojis as they gain more sponsors over time. A default sponsor badge is also available, but creators will need to design their own custom emojis.

In addition to gaining access to custom badges and emojis, sponsors will be able to participate in “sponsors-only live chats,” and they will receive “immunity from slow mode,” a feature that allows creators to limit how frequently users can comment in live chats.

In a blog post, YouTube product manager Barbara Macdonald described how creators can use third-party services to offer additional rewards to sponsors: “You’ll also be able to set up additional perks through third-party services, such as on-stream alerts that you’ve received a new subscriber via Streamlabs or an exclusive Discord sponsors-only server where fans can connect and chat together.”

Sponsorships are now available to all eligible creators on the YouTube Gaming app. Macdonald said YouTube is also testing another version of sponsorships with a selection of non-gaming content creators.

Finally, Macdonald said YouTube is closing its paid channels service: “As we focus on growing your revenue through YouTube Red, Super Chat and now sponsorships, we’re bidding farewell to a service we launched in 2013 called paid channels. This service offered monthly subscriptions for some channels, but with fewer than 1 percent of creators using it today, it never achieved popularity with creators or users.”

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