Geekologie YouTube Flow Chart Helps You Decide What To Watch

With over 24 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how are you supposed to decide which video to watch next? Geekologie has made things a little bit easier for viewers with a new flow chart called ‘So You Want To Watch YouTube.’ The Geekologie YouTube flow chart asks for your preference on a variety of issues to lead you to the ultimate YouTube channel for your current content hankering.

Start out by deciding if you want to watch a ‘Vlogger’, a ‘Musician’ or ‘Someone Else’ and then go from there. Would you prefer to watch a ‘Weekly Show’ or a ‘Web Series’? Do you prefer a Vlogger that ‘Sometimes Sings’ or ‘Never Sings’? Which fantasy do you think is cooler – ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘World of Warcraft’? After making your way through the flow chart, making your selections, you’ll be led to the name of the ultimate YouTube channel for your taste. Then it’s just up to you to head over to YouTube and check the videos out.

If the flow chart below is a little too small for you to read without a magnifying glass then you can click on it to view the chart in it’s original, much bigger size on the Geekologie website. I say it’s about time that somebody put together something like this – an easy way to figure out what to watch on YouTube. So what content did the flow chart lead tell you to watch?