YouTube Exploring Interactive Gaming?

NewYouTubeLogo.jpgGoogle filed a patent earlier this year and published it earlier this month indicating that it is exploring the addition of interactive gaming to its YouTube video-sharing site, as reported in the BNET Technology Blog.

The patent is titled Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos, and, according to BNET, its abstract reads:

Systems and methods are provided for adding and displaying interactive annotations for existing online hosted videos. A graphical annotation interface allows the creation of annotations and association of the annotations with a video. Annotations may be of different types and have different functionality, such as altering the appearance and/or behavior of an existing video, e.g. by supplementing it with text, allowing linking to other videos or Web pages, or pausing playback of the video. Authentication of a user desiring to perform annotation of a video may be performed in various manners, such as by checking a uniform resource locator (URL) against an existing list, checking a user identifier against an access list, and the like. As a result of authentication, a user is accorded the appropriate annotation abilities, such as full annotation, no annotation, or annotation restricted to a particular temporal or spatial portion of the video.

As BNET points out, this could also be a new way to Rickroll.