10 YouTube Tributes To Unemployed Winner Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, the warlock with tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA, has recently become the ultimate inspiration for YouTube ridiculousness. The CBS cancellation of 2 And A Half Men, spawned and followed by a bunch of interviews in which Sheen says some nuts-o things have resulted in a veritable flooding of Charlie Sheen-inspired content on YouTube. We’ve put together a list of ten of the most creative and hilarious Sheen parodies, remixes and tributes uploaded to YouTube over the past few days. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to be just as Bi-Winning as Sheen. Wow, WINNING!

Charlie Sheen: Bi-Winner Greatest Hits Reel

Haven’t seen Charlie Sheen’s recent rants and crazy interviews? Here’s a compilation of some of Sheen’s most quotable moments from the past few days. I think my favorite quote is, “Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” What’s yours?

The Charlie Sheen Quotes Song

Here’s an amazing song by Jonathan Mann with lyrics written entirely from Charlie Sheen quotes. It’s only got 287 views so far but it needs many, many more. It’s awesome. Jonathan Mann is definitely winning.

Kimmel Kartoon – Charlie Sheen & Charlie Brown

Jimmy Kimmel aired his own parody of Charlie Sheen’s recent ABC interview. The audio is set to old Charlie Brown footage. Somehow these two Charlies just work so well together. Now who’s gonna do a Charlie Sheen-Charlie Bit Me mashup?

NMA – Charlie Sheen Rant Kills Show

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week and have no idea what’s going on with Charlie Sheen, this NMA animation will clear things up for you.

“Charlie Sheen’s Got Tiger Blood, Man” – Apollo Run

You know what? Charlie Sheen quotes really do make excellent song lyrics. This Apollo Run video proves it.

Charlie Sheen DRUGS

If you wish you were awesome like Charlie Sheen, if people often misinterpret your passion for anger, then you should try a new drug– Charlie Sheen! It’s made from tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA and it will make you a real winner!

Charlie Sheen Interview Rant Remix

Charlie Sheen is back! His passion was extinguished for awhile but he’s returned and he’s more of a winner than ever, or so he says in his crazy Alex Jones interview. Here his interview has been cut with Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ (Eminem is his favorite rapper), and it’s perfect.

Charlie Sheen’s Rant Animated

This clip from SlateV.com has been getting a whole lot of attention this week. It features the Xtranormal CGI bears performing Charlie Sheen’s Alex Jones interview, including some of the most memorable moments. And you gotta love the Charlie Sheen portrait in the background.

An ode to Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood – NSFW

Mac Lethal goes in for a triple win in his latest rap– an ode to Charlie Sheen. He raps ultra fast about the recent controversy Sheen has been stirring up. Note that this may be NSFW due to language and drugs. But what else could you expect from a Charlie Sheen-inspired rap from Mac Lethal?

Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale Mega Rant -NSFW

Charlie Sheen isn’t the first celeb to go on a major rant in recent history. Mel Gibson and Christian Bale also made a name for themselves in the world of celebrity ranters. So why not have them compete in a celebrity rant battle? Who do you think will win? This clip is also NSFW for explicit language and content.