YouTube Celeb Pairs 21st Birthday With Education Fundraiser

The Supply Education Group, a nonprofit organization that works with community leaders around the world to bring education to impoverished children, has teamed with Internet celeb KevJumba to raise $50,000 to build a school in Nairobi, Kenya.

Yesterday was KevJumba’s, née Kevin’s, 21st birthday. To celebrate, the partners launched a campaign to encourage about 2,381 people to donate $21 per person.

KevJumba has been posting videos on his YouTube channel for years, racking up more than 172 million views. He’s perhaps most famous for videos he’s done with his dad (totally cute example below).

He recently went to Kenya after getting an invitation from The Supply Education Group; the Kenya clip was posted in May. The fundraising campaign kicked off this Sunday, Kevin’s birthday.

Besides raising money, the organization asks people to change their profile picture to the image at right, and to take the campaign video viral by posting it to your social networks.

The Supply Education Group is counting down the next week to raise its $50,000 goal.