Tonya Garcia

Just As We Complimented Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, People Start Complaining

Lots of folks are taking to social media to complain about getting burned despite being slathered with the company's sunscreen.

What Would The Hermès Birkin Bag Be Without the Birkin Name?

Just another purse.

Lifestyle Sites Are Becoming Tired Celebrity Brand Extensions

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Promoting a Positive Body Image Doesn’t Mean Banishing All Thin Models

Body diversity is a good thing.

Here’s A Video Of Lindsey Graham Destroying His Flip Phone

It probably blew up anyway after Donald Trump gave out his phone number.

For Some Reason, Lululemon Is Launching a Special Edition Beer

And of course, there's a totem pole on the can. Sigh.

Barnes & Noble Should Generate Excitement About More of Its Titles

Go Set A Watchman shouldn't be the only book getting tons of attention this year.

PetSmart Apologizes for Throwing Live Fish In the Garbage

PetSmart has a responsibility to all its pets, even the fish.

Gabriel Stricker Is Out as Twitter’s Chief Comms Officer

The statement from Twitter on the issues won't give you the warm and fuzzies.

Looks Like That Amazon Prime Day Sale Is Backfiring

Could Walmart be the PR winner from Amazon's big day?