YouTube Megastar’s 35-Minute Video Gets 3.3 Million Views In A Week

Last week YouTube megastar Ryan Higa uploaded his first 35-minute film - a 35-minute spy-action-comedy called 'Agents of Secret Stuff'. The film has racked up a whopping 3.3 million views in the first week. Check it out after the jump!

Last week YouTube megastar Ryan Higa uploaded his first “medium” film (aka a film that falls somewhere in the middle of a short film and a feature) to the video site – a 35-minute spy-action-comedy called ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ (aka ASS). ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ has been a huge hit, racking up a whopping 3.3 million views in a week, causing many YouTube fans to wonder whether long-form video content will become the next big trend in the world of YouTube.

Ryan Higa, known to YouTubers as NigaHiga, is the most subscribed to YouTube user of all time with nearly 3 million subscribers. He regularly gets millions of views on his videos, but the fact that ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ received over 3 million views in only a week is big, considering that the video is 35 minutes long, as opposed to Ryan’s regular videos, which are usually only a couple of minutes. 35 minutes is the amount of time most online video viewers set aside for sitcoms, television series alone. Sure, there are web series that are of the long-form variety, but they rarely (if ever) go viral as Ryan’s new “medium” film has.

Under normal circumstances there is usually no way I would consider sitting down to watch a 35-minute YouTube video, but since I was writing about this one I decided I better watch it and you know what? I thought it was great! I was laughing pretty much all the way through. There’s a reason NigaHiga is number one on YouTube, folks!

According to the YouTube blog, Ryan Higa and the rest of the crew at Wong Fu Productions (WFP) shot the film over the summer in a single week on a low budget. Philip Wang of WFP says, “There was no big budget, no big company, no big crews or equipment behind the shoot – just us, a DSLR camera, and the desire to do something major and to support each other.” This is a great example of the quality of work that can be created on low budget and I hope ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ will inspire others to put together long-form YouTube content. Check out the film below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!