YourTango Launches Facebook-Only Video Series

This week YourTango launched an exclusive-to-Facebook video series called "Alice and Timmy's Electronic Picture Diaries." Set in the 1950s, the tongue-in-cheek videos use technology (well, current technology as seen through a 50s lens) as a way of talking about very modern relationship issues.

Do you watch many videos on Facebook? YourTango, a digital media company dedicated to love and relationship content, is hoping that you do.

We first wrote about Alice and Timmy in reference to their video “Facebook Manners and You” which discuses proper etiquette when using the “electronic friendship generator.” Find out what happens when Alice and Timmy break Facebook’s unofficial dos and don’ts by watching the video here.

Based on the success of that video (“Facebook Manners…” was a 2010 Webby Awards Comedy Short/Episode nominee), the folks over at YourTango decided to make a 14-part video series “about how Alice and Timmy met and what technology should have been like 50 years ago”, according to a post on their website.

In the premiere Facebook-only video, Alice Johnson talks about trying to find a nice ‘beaux.’ She decides to look for love at the Apple Store, which sells, er, apples – and has some success. Of course, you have to “like” the page first to watch the video on YourTango’s Facebook page.

New videos premiere every Monday on Facebook.

What do you think about YourTango’s model for an exclusive Facebook-only video series? Do you think this is an effective way to get people to “like” a fan page?