Meredith Singer

Extremist Hate Groups Expand Via Facebook Recruiting

The English Defense League, the far-right group Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivik mentioned as an inspiration had less than 50 members two years ago. Now the membership is 2,000 times that size, and Facebook is a contributor.

NY Fugitive Taunts Cops On Facebook, Gets Caught

A New York man wanted on multiple arrest warrants for domestic violence and harassment of his ex-girlfriend challenged cops to catch him on his Facebook profile - so they did.

Facebook Yanks Then Reinstates Nirvana Album Cover

Facebook reportedly yanked an image of Nirvana's album cover but today when we checked the fan page for the band, the profile picture was back up.

ALERT: Amy Winehouse, Norway Scams Hit Facebook

Amy Winehouse death scams took to Facebook just hours after she was found dead in her Camden home on Saturday.

Facebook Hacks Put California Stalker In Jail For 4 Years

A California man who hacked into women's Facebook accounts and stole from their email accounts nude or semi-nude images was sentenced to four years in jail.

MuzeiT Shares Song Snippets With Facebook Friends

Israel company MuzeiT allows users to send snippets of songs straight to their friends' walls on Facebook.

RI Jailer Who Posed As Boss On Facebook Goes Free

Mattew LaCroix was arrested last December after it was discovered he set up a fake Facebook page for his boss, A.T. Wall.

REPORT: Facebook Is U.K.'s 2nd Most Popular Website

Facebook is the second most popular website in the U.K., where women in their 50s are the fastest growing part of the site's membership.

Do's And Don’ts Of Facebook Stalking A First Date

Call it what you will, but you can make that first date conversation go more smoothly if you research the person ahead of time -- on Facebook.

Security Company Updates Travelers' Facebook Statuses

A security firm in the U.K. offers to post Facebook statuses for travelers that make it look like they're still at home.