Your New Year Wish Granted: Rupert Murdoch Signs Up For Twitter

Rupert Murdoch is tweeting, possibly signalling his readiness to take over yet another medium. The 80-year-old media mogul has been sending dozens of tweets since signing up on New Year’s Eve – and despite getting into a bit of hot water with his (fake) wife’s account, he’s still tweeting up a storm.

If you’re interested in following the tweets of one of the biggest media moguls of our time, go ahead and follow @rupertmurdoch.

He’s only been tweeting since December 31st, but Murdoch has already found himself in the dog house thanks to a tweet.

As the Telegraph reports, Murdoch tweeting the following (ironically, while on vacation on the island of St. Barts):

“maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country.”

Shortly after, Murdoch’s wife – tweeting from @wendi_deng which earlier today came out as a fake Twitter account – tweeted a series of messages aimed at minimizing what could have been seen as an insensitive remark:

“RUPERT!!! delete tweet!”

“EVERY1 @rupertmurdoch was only having a joke pROMSIE (sic)!!!”

“Explaining to @rupertmurdoch about being careful with humor on line. sometimes it comes out as rude!”

Murdoch has since deleted the original tweet.

Murdoch has accumulated nearly 80,000 followers since December 31st, but much more is being made of the five that he’s following.

One of these five is a parody account of Google CEO Larry Page, and many are speculating that Murdoch may not be aware that this account is a parody and not the man himself.

His other follows include Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus, British reality show judge and billionaire Lord Sugar, and a Journalism professor.