Your Blog Can Be Delivered Like a Newspaper With Zinepal

We were warned back in high school that one day we could potentially live in a world without books. A paperless society. Every time it seems we are marching down that path, a new technology is unveiled that keeps the old one alive.

Meet Zinepal, the site where you become the editor, printing a morning edition of your favorite Web content old-school style, on paper.

To get started, you need only input a blog URL or an RSS feed URL. The system will pull five stories from that Website and format it in a “newspaper-style” look. You then have the option to add more stories.

After you have chosen your content sources, you tell Zinepal how many new stories you want to receive and when. For example, if you want 10 new stores every day, no problem. Only want 5 news stores every Tuesday? The delivery system can do that too!

Read your Zinepal by logging into their Website or have it sent directly to your e-mail address. Files arrive as PDFs.

This ain’t your mama’s paper! Zines can be made public or kept private. If you want yours to be found, you select keywords and create an introduction. A logo can be added up top – there are even spots for advertisers should you be lucky enough to sell any. If you like your creation, you can save the template to use again down the road.

You may preview your Zine without registering, however if you opt for delivery, signing up is a must.