YouPorn Launches the First X-Rated Virtual Influencer

The adult site is the latest brand to hop on the growing trend

Jedy Vales is YouPorn's new virtual spokeswoman. YouPorn
Headshot of Patrick Kulp

The computer-generated influencer trend is about to get graphic in a new sense of the word.

Adult media purveyor YouPorn today debuted a computer-generated spokeswoman named Jedy Vales, adding to a growing number of virtual social media personalities who are starting to attract large audiences and promotional interest from brands.

Created in partnership with porn tech company Camasutra VR, Vales will interact with fans and create content across Twitter, Instagram and Modelhub, an online marketplace where users exchange explicit videos.

YouPorn claims its new virtual influencer is the first of its kind to be able to interact with fans in NSFW contexts-—a distinction that probably falls in the category of “weird flex, but OK”—though because of rules about explicit content on most social platforms, these risqué communications will be relegated to Modelhub. The character will also be rendered in real-time through the video game software Unreal Engine to film explicit videos, according to a YouPorn spokesperson.

“It’s fun to share information about my favorite porn site and little peeks into my life with the YouPorn community,” said a statement attributed to Vales. “I am looking forward to becoming their go-to source for providing fun and entertaining updates while being an active part of the future of porn!”

The company also plans to feature the artificial spokeswoman in a series of social activations to build her profile on various channels. The goal is to reach 1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, at which point YouPorn will release an exclusive explicit video of Vales on Modelhub.

“Jedy is the quintessential representation of the technological innovations we are known for, and so she is the perfect spokesperson to represent YouPorn,” said YouPorn vp Charlie Hughes said in a statement. “With Jedy coming on board, we’ll be able to create the opportunity to interact with our users in a new environment. We look forward to seeing what Jedy has in store.”

The project also fits with an initiative on Camasutra VR’s part to create a world of  “lifelike and naturally moving avatar” porn stars with “a real-time gaming pipeline” for use in its immersive adult videos, according to Camasutra Industries CEO Adam Sutra.

Appearance-wise, Vales sits on the more realistically human end of the virtual influencer spectrum, which also ranges into more cartoonish characters far from what designers call the “uncanny valley,” in which a character is just lifelike enough to be unsettling for viewers. Sutra has said in other interviews that his goal is to cross this hurdle to the point where users cannot tell the difference between an avatar and real life.

YouPorn isn’t the first brand to climb on board the nascent virtual influencer trend that’s blossomed in the past year or so. Lil Miquela, the most popular of these creations, recently made an appearance at Coachella on behalf of YouTube Music; British carrier EE Limited co-opted one named Shudu for the British Academy of Film Awards and KFC mocked the practice with its own virtual Colonel Sanders in a recent ad campaign.

With the trend still in its very early days, however, YouPorn’s effort might mark yet another case in which the adult film space is driving tech industry innovation.

@patrickkulp Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.