Young Man, Your School Just Tweeted Me

ParentLink has enabled communications between parents and school districts for more than 20 years, via telephone, text messaging, fax, the Internet, and even snail mail. Thursday, the San Francisco-based outfit added Facebook and Twitter to the mix.

Users can now share messages to the two social networking sites via ParentLink’s messaging interface

The company said in a release:

When teachers first started encountering social media use among their students, it was usually viewed with suspicion and seen as a waste of time. To them, social media was not only a distraction from the tasks at hand, but could have more serious repercussions, based on fears of online bullying or predators. However, with the tools getting better and usage growing, many teachers are embracing social media rather than banning it. They would argue that social media is not going away and the benefits far outweigh the risks. And for some, they see these platforms as the perfect way to communicate and build a community to support their educational efforts.

Today, more and more schools are creating their own Facebook and Twitter sites and using them as a way to stay connected with students and their families. With this latest product enhancement, K-12 schools and districts who use the ParentLink communications system can automatically post messages to their existing social networking sites, thereby increasing the probability that those messages will be seen by students, parents, and the community at large. And the real-time nature of these tools means that those messages will be seen and reacted to immediately.